SILK SOUL : Silk Soul Series 1 cards will come in 6 different variations for a total of 545 unique cards. Collect them all to tell the whole story.

Common extended - Collect a pack of exclusive common NFT cards with various frames and differences. Number of cards 140.

Negative - Gather a collection of photo negatives that have been taken by an independent investigator during the adventure. They are the only indisputable evidence that can reveal the true story. Number of cards 28.

Gold Seeker - Get together all  Butterfly Fantasy collectibles made from pure gold. Those pictures will become a real treasure of your collection. Number of cards 15.

Noise - Collect fragments of an old-fashion VHS tape,  that were shot by the same independent investigator that made the photos. Number of cards 24.

Star Collection  - Collect all cards that are marked with a star. Number of cards 146.

Truth Seeker - Find as many variants of each scene as you can. Each variant will have a distinctive unique detail of art. The number of differences for each scene varies from 2 up to 15.  They are marked by codes D1 - D15.

Sequence. Recreate the story in cards. Gather a collection of any 15 NFTs with all scenes of the Silk Soul 1.

Number of cards 15.

What is a “DIFFERENCE”

 * A difference is a small detail of the art which diversifies the current picture from the other images of the same scene.  (D1-D15)


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